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If one does not know which port one is sailing to,
no wind is favourable. Ancient wisdom, which nevertheless this still holds true in a world which
has developed to the point of satellite navigation
and particle colliders. Whatever one wishes to
explore, one needs clear direction.

When the Dutch were still a great sea faring nation, Compass Island in the middle of the IJ waters was where ships embarked in order to take their bearings. This modest landmark is situated right behind our studio at KNSM-Island in Amsterdam.

We like to see ourselves as explorers of uncharted territories. Not quite behaving like conquistadors, rather more the avid geographical researcher species.

Also we like old school quality work tools
to achieve our goals. However at the final end, when we plant our flag it is only for the sake of sheer jingoism and extra barrel of ginger ale!

Compass Island has all the seamanship to harbour your commercial interests. So as you seek new markets to explore, let us together set the calibration for creating noticeable identities, refined design and daring stories.
You will reach your destination and as with any voyage, discover more of yourself.

Take it from us: as regards as to brand identity
we can hand, reef and steer.


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