Compass Island is a creative team with a focus on brands and brand identities

Graphic design, brand identity, photography, interactive design, 
illustration, typography, interior design etc.

The exploration and full use of this universe of symbol

and narrative is the credo of many creative agencies.
Compass Island is born from that same desire that allows us

to invent, question, solve and enjoy again and again.

From the bigger picture to the smallest details,
we seek to provide our clients with solutions.

Inspiration is an adventure that evolves us and we’ve chosen

to forge that path together, to find the commonality in our
curiosity, creative passions, tastes and unique experiences.

Feeling the wind, adjusting the sails, deeper and deeper
through uncharted seas, 
we have found our motto:
to keep and maintain our playful and yet functional course.

Explore, Dream, Discover.


Folkert Hengeveld graduated as a product designer 
at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

First a freelance web-designer, he then started his first creative agency.
From graphic to editorial design, art direction for magazines,
 Identity and retail design for fashion brands.
Multi-disciplined and curious by nature, he loves anything technical from building a website to restoring a classic motorcycle from scratch.
Folkert collects iconic design items with a story,
 as he believes storytelling adds great value to anything.

Compass Island with Naia was
therefore natural. 
A playground where
he can make full use of his talents and problem solving skills.


Naia Salamah graduated at l’ATEP,

a visual communication and graphic design school in Paris, France.

First a freelance graphic designer,
her love for movies also led her to become
 set, accessory and prop
designer in french cinema.

Photography and illustration are an integer part of her competences.

Naia is a social media maven,
as on Pinterest, 
where she counts
more than 200k followers.
Multi-disciplined and curious by nature, she likes challenges. She investigates and loves to understand trends in design.

Compass Island with Folkert was therefore an evidence. 
A playground where she can make full use of her insights and her broad skills.

Folkert on LinkedIn & Pinterest

Naia on LinkedIn & Pinterest

studio & atelier

Our studio and atelier is a place
we cherish. Due to the many hours
spend there, we created an
environment optimized for work and
yet cozy like at home. Surrounded by different functioning spaces, we hop from one to the other depending on
the nature of our assignments, making sure we can most meet the needs of
our clients in-house. At the same time, we’ve created a space where we can stop and seek inspiration, enjoying our books, magazines and collected curiosities.

We designed our studio’s interior
with Compass Island in mind. With
an explorer and adventure feeling: reminding us to stay curious, pushing beyond perceived limitations.

We’re happy when clients, coworkers, friends and family come by our studio. Whether for a meeting, worksession,
or a late evening talk.

It’s always a pleasure to open our
doors and share our studio with you!

The eastern docklands & Compass island

Our name derived from a little island, 'Kompas Eiland',
 situated just a few hundred meters from our studio,
in the middle of the river 't IJ.

Our studio and the island are located
in the Eastern Docklands area,
 a once
rough industrial area consisting of cranes, steam ships,
 cargo trains and dock workers. Now appreciated by
artists of all trades 
who have embraced its heritage to create.

From the 1950's till the 1970's, this little island functioned
 as a fixed geographic position where compasses
 and navigational tools were calibrated to provide massive cargo ships
 with precise direction to their far-away destinations. 

Compass Island is a metaphor, as our role in all projects is to help people,
 companies and brands develop and
reach their goals,
 through aesthetic
and efficient design.

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