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Journal de Nîmes – Future Issue

Journal de Nîmes – Future Issue

Januari 2015 – The most appreciated ‘Journal de Nîmes’ is here for a fresh start of the year! The printed & online paper by Amsterdam based denim store Tenue de Nîmes. As we mentioned in an earlier post, the ‘Future Issue’ (nr11) features an article by us on the Wheels & Waves 2014 edition. The yearly event of the vintage & custom motorcycle scene and surf culture in Biarritz, France. Here you can find a selection of our photography combined with a story of our adventures!

WHEELS & WAVES has become one of the most anticipated events in the custom motorcycling scene in just a few years. It all happens in Biarritz, surrounded by the magic coastal landscapes of the Basque country where the wavy Atlantic Ocean meets the rough Pyrenees mountains. A breathtaking place for any motor rider!
With its fine blend of mechanics, vintage, surfing, art and music, there are no rules regarding what’s hot and what’s not. WHEELS & WAVES shows us an eclectic mix of styles and scenes coming together, like one big family. The passion for motorcycles and the creativity it engenders, brings a great vibe to the whole event. The Lighthouse of Biarritz being the heart of the event where everyone met.


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